Friday, 16 December 2011

Casson family stories

One of my favourite series of books is The Casson family stories. They are about the casson children, Cadmium, (Caddy) Saffron (Saffy) Indigo, Rose, and their parents, (who are both artists,) Eve and Bill. The books are Saffy's Angel, Indigo's Star, Permanent Rose, Caddy ever after, Forever Rose and Caddy's World.
The children are all named after colours. Below is information about the first book, Saffy's Angel.

Saffy's Angel

Saffy's Angel is about when saffron casson finds out that she is adopted. Five years later, when her grandfather dies, he leaves her a stone Angel that she used to play with in her garden. Nobody knows where that garden is, until saffron realises that it is in her old home, in sienna, italy. She stows away in her friend, sarah's car, when sarah and her family go on holiday to italy, the same place she had last seen when she was three years old. She is determined to find her angel, whatever it takes.

It is a brilliant book which I really loved, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Great books to read over the holidays

In any holiday, you often feel bored after the first day of freedom from school. (or work) If you have not yet read all of the books on your shelf, trying to do so is a great way to stop being so bored. Or maybe you could revisit an old favourite that you think you have grown out of, you may find that you still like it. If you are not already a member, join your local library! There is far more of a variety there than on your bookshelf, and you don't have to pay to get out a book. If you really enjoy reading, you could ask your Mum or Dad or Grandparent to buy you a national book token for christmas, or a national book token gift card, which you can add money to when you want, both of these are accepted by book shops, but I don't think you can use them in independent bookshops.

So to sum this up, here are three sources for you to find books. Your own bookshelf, A local library, or a bookshop.

Here are a few books and series that you may want to read.

1. septimus heap by Angie sage (It is a series, and I am only on book one, But so far it is very good .)
2. Harry Potter (you have probably already read it, but if you haven't, its a really good series)
3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (This is a series of books to read if you have already read Harry Potter, about a boy who discovers he is the son of a greek god, but I won't give too much away.

There will be more books coming soon!!