Friday, 6 January 2012

Audio Books

This post is about two websites where you can find audiobooks.

Audible often pops up in the adverts in this blog (although I have no control over the ads.) so that is  why I have decided to post about it. I happen to be a member of audible, and every month I get one credit which allows me to choose one book. There are many popular audio books, and almost all of the ones I have searched for  have appeared. One downside of audible is that you have to pay, however the books are read well, some of them by famous faces, well voices, such as the author of the book, various actors, etc. Soem of the books are mildly entertaining in the way that they are read, such as the girls voices read by mean, and vice versa. You can find the audible website here:

Another source of audio books, these ones are free, is librivox. the downsides of this site, is that you have to click on each chapter, and some of the chapters in the same book are read by different people. So this means just as you are getting used to one reader, another one starts reading. There are not as wide a range as the books in audible, but if you enjoy classics, like peter pan, swallows and amazons, then this is the site for you.
Here is the link

Enjoy listening to audio books!!!

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