Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mr Gum books by Andy stanton

The series of mr gum books by Mr stanton are like no other I have seen. They are exceedingly funny. I read them when I was much younger but still occasionally pick them up to have a laugh.
They are suitable for readers of all ages and even adults like them. I have proof of this. When I was younger my uncle sometimes read these books to me. This usually ended up with him and I (mostly him) rolling on the floor laughing, uncontrollable laughter.
I do not know how Stanton does it but he does.
These are not witty books, they are not rude to anyone, the sheer randomness and hilarity of his writing style are what make it funny.
Although, sometimes I wonder how these books actually got published, they have been      an important part of my childhood reading experience.
the plot of these books don't even seem to matter, because of the funny and  sometimes infuriating characters. Although I will tell you that they involve a strange windmill, a dancing bear, goblins, martin laundrette who runs the laundrette, and a fruit chew of babylon.
So, if you want to read about a girl with an incredibly long  name, a ginger bread man with electric muscles, or a bad man called Mr gum, this is the series for you.

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